Membership Eastern PA ZSCCA

Membership in Eastern PA ZSCCA requires membership in The Z Series
Car Club of America (ZSCCA).  You are welcome to attend 1 or 2 local events
without being a  member of this club or Z Series Car Club of America.


Should you decide to join us you
will get your name(s) added to our mailing list.

A listing on this website.
A free e-mail address if you want.
We also ask that you provide us with a picture of you and your car for this web site.
Membership In A Great Organization With A Group Of Great Individuals.

Membership includes your e-mail address being placed into a database for
notifications of meeting and other club announcements.
We use Mad Mimi 
which is a third party free re-mailing service for this.
Their service allows us to determine if the mail was delivered and read.  If not
delivered and  read your e-mail address will be removed from their database
by Mad Mimi and you will no longer receive those notifications. 

With each e-mail send via Mad Mimi there is an opt out link at the bottom of
the e-mail.  It is a one click opt out.  There is no second chance, no
are you sure!  One click and your out and to get back on the list
you will need to send  an e-mail request to: 
You will never receive SPAM because of our use of this service.    

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